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 We are the international team of young enthusiasts who are passionate about convenient and elegant decisions for both house interior and people. Our crew brought the most talented and gifted craftsmen, who love natural and high-quality accessories, together.

 Uniting the century-old manufacturing traditions and modern way of living, we were able to create aesthetic wooden accessories to meet the taste and needs of the present-day clients.

 ReSpace is not just a place where we come to work every day. It is our second family. It is a company that has changed the way we live our lives and made us believe in our global mission, sustainable lifestyle and each other.


Our mission is to help people rethink their space at home with the help of stylish and hyper-functional accessories made of natural materials of excellent quality. We dream of bringing healthy and environment friendly products to every house on the planet. This is the only way to create a more inspiring workplace.

 We wish to become a worldwide supplier of elegant and functional wooden creations suitable for the needs of a modern person. Our biggest desire is to provide each person with the convenient tools for daily use and to make a possible contribution to the process of reforestation.

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From a small business making wooden furniture to the international company upgrading your workplace!

 We started 5 years ago as the workshop making custom furniture and has been working successfully since then. Yet there were not only craftsmen among us but people spending their days in front of laptops as well. That is why we created the additional stylish product that increases the productivity and spurs the efficient workflow.

 After the thorough study of the ways people use their laptops and organize their workplace, we’ve come up with an idea of ergonomic and stylish accessory – a wooden laptop stand that will be useful for people both working at the table and choosing to the couch. That is how two kinds of products appeared in our shop. However, we are full of new ideas, so stay tuned and be the first to learn about our new offers.

 Why choose us

 We truly love what we do and believe in our mission. Each member of ReSpace is proud to say that our accessories are the best gifts for the family and loved ones. We make every product from high-quality natural materials, crafting them with utmost care and offering at affordable prices.

About Us
About Us